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CareTalk for Medical Devices 

The Human Connection Matters Most - Where CareTalk Health Excels

Remote Monitoring(RPM) is revolutionizing the way care is delivered, but it is critical to prioritize human connection for your users. While digital engagement provides support, having access to care teams, nurses, and doctors becomes critical when the data indicates that an episodic event is near. Providing the human element to any monitored device is imperative to driving better outcomes. It also drives adoption and improves engagement and retention by creating a better customer experience.

Nearly 40% of adults over 65 in the US take 5+ daily medications!

Our Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) program can help improve medication adherence.

Your Nationwide Monitoring Partner

Maximize the full potential of your medical or wellness device with CareTalk Health, a single-source medical practice and monitoring partner spanning all 50 states. We work with medical device companies to boost revenue, retention, and adoption through virtual care solutions.

Nationwide Medical Practice: As a medical provider, we can bill Medicare nationwide. Your existing customer base is likely to be eligible for Medicare services that they are currently not receiving from their primary care physician. This untapped revenue stream is made possible through a partnership with us.

Seamless Integration: Our licensed physicians and clinicians can utilize existing platforms or use our own custom technology to analyze and act upon the data. Our care management experience is what drives our success.

Reimbursable Monitoring Services

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Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM)


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring(RTM)

Medical Devices We Work With:

CareTalk Health integrates with medical devices that collect data like blood pressure readings, glucose readings, and pulse. This allows for continuous monitoring and better chronic condition management.

How You Can Work With Us:

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